About Prague That Has Long Disappeared

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, 500 houses were demolished during the redevelopment in Prague, which made areas of Prague more modern, cleaner and safer.

The Břevnov Monastery

In context with the Battle of White Mountain and the Hvězda Game Reserve, it is worth mentioning that the first historical mention...

The Battle of the White Mountain

Tourists heading to Prague Castle most often get off at the Pohořelec tram stop. However, if they went a few stations further, they would...

“What do you want?”, he whispered. “Police!”, the policeman whispered too.

The doorbell rang. The man carefully opened the door and when he saw the police standing in the hallway of the house,...

Before Prague Even Existed

We all know how Prague looks like today. But would you like to know what old Czech stories say about the times before Prague was built?

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