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Franciscan Garden

The Franciscan Garden was founded in 1347 as the fruit and vegetable garden of the Franciscan monastery.

Prague Botanical Garden – Fata Morgana

The tropical greenhouse of the Prague Botanical Garden Fata Morgana has an area of 1750 square meters and three separate parts: tropics...

Brightly Colored Wooden Horses on Petrin Hill One of the most beautiful and oldest original carousels in Europe has been installed next to...

Then the Ground Opened and the Carriage with the Horses and...

Legend says that when Princess Drahomíra, the mother of St. Wenceslas, fled the country, the carriage drove her across...

Juggling school in the beautiful sceneries of Prague.

Ever wanted to learn to juggle and didn't know how to start? How about trying Adam and Václav juggling school? In seven...

Everything golden in the New World

Most people who don`t want to walk uphill along Nerudova Street on their way to the Castle will come to Pohořelec by the most...

iMucha 2020

The most famous collection of posters and other works by Alphonse Mucha, the foundations of which were laid by former world No....

Uhelný trh 3 (The Coal Market Square)

Two-storey house At Three Steps, or also At Three Stairs. Originally Gothic, with preserved remains of Romanesque cellars, it was later rebuilt in the...

St. Vitus Cathedral

The first sanctuary at this place was built in 926-30. This rotunda was destroyed by Prince Spytihněv after 1060 and then he...


Princess Libuse had once a dream that difficult times will come soon to her land. She decided to protect her people and ordered miners to find and bring her as much gold as they can. Then she took all that gold and hid it inside this hill. The only person she told where the treasure was hidden, was her husband Premysl. When they both died, the secret was lost forever.

How About Having Dinner on Charles Bridge?

How about having dinner on Charles Bridge?

Prague Parks – Grébovka

The total cost of building the complex was 1,760,000 Austro-Hungarian crowns, which corresponds to the price of about 500 kg of gold, i.e. at current prices of about 500 million CZK (20 million USD).

What would be there? Would I appear upside down?

Almost everyone recognizes a paternoster from the front. But what would happen if we pass the sign telling us: Last Floor, Please Get Off?

Kevin Alone Coming Soon

We are excited to present to you the first part of our documentary series “Kevin Alone in Prague”, which will be available through our website soon.

Fall and Falling Leaves in the Stag Moat

In times of totalitarianism, the Stag Moat was inaccessible to the public, but that changed when Václav Havel was our president. Now the Stag Moat is inaccessible due to repairs and access is granted with few exceptions. Come with us to see it.

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