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Charles Bridge and the Charm of the Prague Alluvium

Peace, quiet, and romance looking at the Charles Bridge from the river bank. And also a few words about the beautiful painting “Winter Night” by Adolf Kosárek, the famous 19th century Czech painter.

Discover Prague Like Never Before

We know Prague like the backs of our hands and would like to show you the city in a new, magical way, as if discovering a true treasure for the first time. Come explore the city with us.

Prague Castle Orchestra

Josef Kocůrek, a man who seems to belong to the early 19th century and the time when Emperor Franz Joseph I was our ruler, and his friends play not only in symphony and theatre orchestras but for almost 30 years for visitors to Prague Castle.

Early Birds` Prague

If you want to experience Prague almost as it was during the times of Jan Neruda, and want to enjoy it, beautiful, colorful and quiet, you just need to get up a little bit earlier in the morning. Prague will reveal you another part of its charm and you will have it for yourself. Only you and this beautiful city.

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