How Did it Happen?

In the territory of today’s Czech Republic, there are almost 1 200 chateaux, castles, and fortresses that were established during the time of monarchy called the Lands of the Bohemian Crown. Some of these objects are notorious – Český Krumlov, Hluboká, Karlštejn, Lednice or Křivoklát. These are castles and chateaux that are visited by hundreds of thousands of people every year. Some are so charming that they look like they came from a fairy tale – and therefore they regularly become the backdrop during shoots for fairy tale movies. (Beautiful chateaux Červená Lhota in South Bohemia is the record holder at this point.) Whether they are generally known or forgotten, all chateaux, castles, and fortresses have their own history. And they also have their stories. And we want to tell you some of them.

Playing Bowling with the Dead Czech King’s Head

About Jan Žižka, the robber, who became the courtier of King Wenceslas IV. About how this king had no calm even after his death. And also about the three Margarets, who gradually became the wife of Jan Jindřich, brother of King Charles IV. Or about the death of the queen bitten by her husband's dog. All connected with the castles Točník and Žebrák.

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