Discounts and Advantages

The first discount we have arranged for you is a discount on the excellent crystal of the Rückl glassworks.

And the first advantage is en essential advantage – due to the reputation of Prague taxi drivers. Warranty that when you use the services of our partner, Taxi Prague, you will have no problem. And in the event of any exceptional occurrence, we will take care of the remedy.

Learn to Pour Draft Beer in a Country where Beer and...

In five countries, the average beer consumption is over 100 liters per person per year. In Ireland, Germany, Hungary, and Austria (Great Britain is just below this limit). The Czech Republic ranks first. So the question certainly makes sense: do you want to learn to draft beer in a country where beer is a national drink?

Rückl Crystal

If you plan to take a trip to Karlštejn, extend your journey through the beautiful countryside around Berounka and reach the village of Nižbor. There you`ll find not only splendid countryside, one of our most beautiful, but also the Rückl glassworks, which has been producing the famous Czech cut crystal here for almost 200 years. (And we have an interesting discount for you.)

The Only Thing You Have to Do, is Say the Password:...

It is said that the ones who give Prague a bad name, are the taxi drivers. Since we would like to make your stay in Prague as pleasant as possible, we are highly recommending a taxi service that has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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