Eat breakfast alone, share lunch with a friend, and give dinner to your enemy. / Snídej sám, o oběd se rozděl s přítelem a večeři dej nepříteli

How to pronounce “Snídej sám, o oběd se rozděl s přítelem a večeři dej nepříteli”

Czech cuisine is generally perceived as quite unhealthy. That is not entirely true, I think. After all, even the proverbial Czech sauces don’t have to be thickened with flour… However, typical Czech dishes are undoubtedly heavier than French or Italian dishes.

A classical Czech breakfast consists of bread or other pastry, butter, jam, cheese, ham, and sometimes an egg. In the last few decades,  oatmeal, müsli, and yogurts have become popular. For drinks we mainly have tea (black or fruit) milk, and cocoa. Of course there are many other people who only have a cup of coffee or nothing at all for breakfast.

Lunch is the main dish of the day. Ideally hot food, no sandwiches or street food. Dinner tends to be lighter. A lot of families prefer cold dinners or something really simple.

And because it has worked this way for many centuries, those eating habits have become a part of folk wisdom. Our grandmas, great-grandmas, and great-great-grandmas knew to: have a great breakfast, think about how much you eat for lunch, and carefully eat your dinner. Otherwise, you`ll have a heavy stomach and bad dreams.