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Classical Music at the Rudolfinum, Anytime and for Free?

Classical music at the Rudolfinum, anytime and for free? Sure, no problem. To the left of the entrance...

Nobody Can Stay Hungry Here

Dlouhá Street is one of the oldest streets in Prague, dating back to 1310. And why is it called Dlouhá? It got...

Hall of Minerals

The most interesting and beautiful minerals are exhibited in the original Schulz showcases, which were named after the architect of the Historical Building of the National Museum, Josef Schulz.

Gingerbread Nativity Scene in the Church of St. Matthew (“U MatÄ›je”)

About the fact that you can see a freshly baked gingerbread nativity scene with hundreds of figures every year at the Church of Matthew ("U Matěje").

St. Vitus Cathedral in stillness and (almost) solitude? Yes, it is...

St. Vitus Cathedral is the most important church for all Czechs, faithful and faithless. It is one of the most visited places in the Czech Republic. Still, it can be enjoyed in peace and quiet.

The Best Sightseeing Tour of Prague for Under Two Dollars

Streetcar route 22 is the best and cheapest sightseeing tour in Prague. It will take you to almost all the important places in Prague and you can conveniently get off anywhere and then get on again.

Capuchin Brothers and a Soccer Playground with a View of St...

A man living in the house next to the Capuchins monastery: "Do you know what really annoys me? That my car has a much better view than I do."

9 Street Foods You Must Try in Prague

When you are on your wonderful vacation in Prague, trying to see as much as you possibly can, you may want to use this list to find out what you should grab for a quick meal...

U.S. Embassy in the Czech Republic

Embassies exist for many reasons - including helping people in difficult situations. The best vacation is when we do not need our embassy, but because unpleasant situations may occur, it is good to know where to go for advice or (at worst) even for help.

How to Lodge Like a King and Pay Like a Pauper

A cluster of mysterious buildings surrounded by a high yellow wall that is interrupted only in a few places by the dark brown wooden doors. What's behind that wall?

6 Things To Do Before Going to Prague

You have decided that for your next vacation you are going to Prague. These are the things you will need to do before you board the plane.

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