Which Way?

In Prague, this is – as certainly in any other interesting tourist place – a very common situation. A tourist asks a local person for directions, yet it is only a short walk to the place he is looking for. But why worry about it? In the section Which Way? we describe in detail how to get from one interesting place in Prague to another. Either the fastest, easiest, or the most interesting way. The first four in this column are: Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, National Theater and Old Town Square. We will gradually add more. Of course, we made our movie Kevin Alone in Prague in all these places, so we will show you some photos or short videos from the movie in this section. (The first is a video explaining the role of the numerical series 135797531 in the construction of Charles Bridge.)

National Theatre

The National Theatre was built in 1881, in large part thanks to small contributions from poor people who wanted to have a national theatre. Shortly after its opening, the theater burned down, but the nation did not resign and the theatre was reopened just two years later. It is a beautiful theatre that we are really very proud of. How to get there easily? Just click.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is the largest castle complex in the world. And because it lies on a hill, it can be seen from many parts of Prague. How to get there easily? Just click.

Old Town Square

Even if only the town hall with the world-famous Astronomical clock stood on it, the Old Town Square would be a place you must see at least once in your life. (But it's better to see it more than once.) How to get there easily? Just click.

Charles Bridge

The foundation stone of one of the most beautiful bridges in the world was laid on July 9, 1357. However, if it were built in America, construction would start on September 7. Do you know why? How to get there easily? Just click.

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