Vyšehrad is a younger castle than Prague castle, built in the middle of the 10th Century. There was a road between both castles and merchants and Prague Jews settled alongside the road.

Princess Libuše once had a dream that difficult times will come soon to her land. She decided to protect her people and ordered miners to find and bring her as much gold as they can. Then she took all that gold and hid it inside this hill. The only person she told where the treasure was hidden, was her husband Přemysl. When they both died, the secret was lost forever.

Prince Křesomysl was so obsessed with the hidden Libuše’s treasure that he encouraged farmers to become miners and look for it. One of the farmers, Horymír, protested and fought back so Křesomysl got him arrested and ordered his execution. Horymír’s last wish was to ride his loyal horse Šemík for the last time. When they brought the horse, Horymír whispered something to him before the ride. Moments later, they went flying over the wall and swam over the Vltava river. Because of this huge jump, stunned Křesomysl forgave Horymír and gave him freedom but poor Šemík died of injuries.

(Pavlina O`Toole: Kevin Alone in Prague)