The smiling girl in black is the actress Klara Suchá, whose husband is Jiří Suchý, also an actor. And because Czech culture has one living great – actor, poet, artist, and director of the Semafor Theater Jiří Suchý, this namesake is named after the place of his birth in South Bohemia – Jiří Suchý from Tábor. (By the way – Jiří Suchý is 91 years old and still acts in the theater.)

The elderly lady in the white blouse is the former Czech Academy of Sciences director, the biochemist Helena Illnerová. She is also famous for being the first person in the world with her team to discover that melatonin production in the pineal gland is controlled by the biological clock in the brain. She’s almost 85 years old in that photo, she looks very pretty, I think.

The dog that is shy on the metro wouldn’t tell us what happened to him – but he was cute.

The photo of two reading girls could be named “Twins with different hairstyles”.

And the lady in the yellow jacket was interesting because she read aloud a fairy tale to her children on the subway. Our ride together was short, so I don’t know how the fairy tale ended. But probably good, as is the case with fairy tales.