The man with the respirator had an interesting bag in which he was carrying a small brown cocker spaniel. On closer view, however, we see that he has an even smaller dog in the side pocket of his bag.

The man with distinctive glasses and with a white cap on his head is the excellent and favorite Czech actor and playwright Arnošt Goldflam. The woman next to him is not his wife, but the lady who went with her husband to his 90th birthday party, but when she saw Arnošt Goldflam, she sat next to him for a moment because she likes him. (Arnošt Goldflam is not only a Czech actor and playwright but also a very popular actor and playwright.)

The last photo shows a laughing couple – a lady and a gentleman in a T-shirt expressing sympathy for Ukraine. The lady is a lawyer, originally from Holland – during one vacation 15 years ago she liked the Czech Republic so much that she moved here and learned Czech. You can see that she is very happy about it.