Today, hundreds of millions of people use contact lenses instead of traditional glasses. Hundred of millions of women wear nylon stockings every day. And the overwhelming majority of them, are not aware that one man is responsible for these two inventions: Czech chemist Otto Wichterle.
His grandson, Martin Wichterle, a successful Czech entrepreneur, largely invested into the glass factory Rückl (since 1846) in 2017. The new collection, under the direction of the artistic director Rony Plesl, gives tributes to the tradition of Czech glassmaking and to the icons of Czech history. For the overall brand revival, they won the Producer of the Year 2017 Award in the Czech Grand Design competition.
Hummingbird Stories wants to bring you stories (including the stories of Czech artists and scientists in the upcoming Stories of Great Czechs, where we will introduce Otto Wichterle), but also the best of Czech traditions, where glass art undoubtedly belongs.

We not only provide beautiful stories and experiences but also offer a 10% discount on Rückl Crystal products in 2 of the following ways:

1) Are you or someone you know, visiting Prague?

With our voucher, we offer a tour of the studio for free. Included is a glassblowing workshop where you can try to be a Czech glassblower and blow your own piece of glass. While your creation might not be a professional piece of perfection, the experience will be very rewarding and you will have a wonderful treasure to take home. You can find everything about the glassworks, its assortment, and tours here: Rückl Crystal.


After submitting the voucher, you will receive a 10% discount on all the goods you purchase in Nižbor. If you are a movie buff, you can purchase a miniature of the prestigious Czech Movie Award, the Czech Lion. The award is produced for the Czech Film Academy in Nižbor, based on the artistic design of the art director of the Rückl glass studio, Rony Plesl.

How can you get there? The glasswork is located in the beautiful valley of the river Berounka – you can also visit Karlštejn Castle. You can get there either by train or with our partner taxi service TICK TACK at a fixed price: Prague – Nižbor 1 200 CZK (approx 60 USD), return trip with 60 minutes of waiting for 2 600 CZK (approx 130 USD). You will ride in a white Audi A6, with an English speaking driver.


Taxi pickup: Malostranské náměstí (Lesser Town Square), next to Morový Sloup Nejsvětější Trojice (The Holy Trinity Column). The object in the lower-left corner of the map, titled “Velvyslanectví USA” is the U.S. Embassy in The Czech Republic.
Blue stars: tram stops, yellow star: Starbucks, yellow arrow: taxi pickup.
One episode of our movie Kevin Alone in Prague, is situated at the same place:

2) Wherever you may be

If you are a commercial representative (or a compatriot association), you can become a partner (sponsor) of the Kevin Alone project. You will get all the benefits of partnering with this beautiful project about the stories of Prague’s sights, as well as the mentioned 10% discount on Rückl Crystal. You can redeem the discount for up to the equal amount of your sponsorship of the Kevin Alone project. A shipment from the Nižbor glass factory will be delivered to your US address via standard shipping.

If you are interested in this option, please write to for more detailed information.