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Erhart’s Confectionery 2 (Erhartova cukrárna, Vinohrady)

Erhart's confectionery in Holešovice isn`t the only Erhart's confectionery based in Prague in a functionalist house. The second one is a confectionery...

Erhart’s Confectionery 1 (Erhartova cukrárna, Holešovice)

In Milady Horákové Street, which connects Strossmayer Square and Letná, there is a functionalist house, which was built here in 1937. In...

Myšák Pastry Shop (Cukrárna Myšák, Nové Město)

Myšák Pastry Shop today......and in its history since 1911: https://www.mysak.ambi.cz/en/history/(...)František Myšák first opened his doors to customers in 1911. Soon the crowds lining...

Fruity Světozor (Ovocný Světozor, Nové Město)

The Franciscan Garden (Františkánská zahrada) is accessible by two passages. From Wenceslas Square, there is the Alfa passage, which is named after...

Skála Confectioner (Cukrář Skála, Nové Město)

In Hybernská Street you can find the Šporkovský palác (Špork Palace) - one of its parts is the building of the former...

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