The well-known quote “I know that I know nothing.” is attributed to the philosopher Socrates. We don’t know if he actually said it, but we know one thing for sure: Socrates did not know Prague because he died about a thousand years before it was founded.

However, for Prague, his quote applies without fail.

One of the meanings of this quote can be: every knowledge is like a journey. And the further I follow this journey, the more other roads I can see. Although I know more and more, what I don’t know is increasing even faster.

The same can be said about Prague.

You can visit the main sights of Prague in three days. If you stay in Prague for a week, you will really get to know it thoroughly. When you look at the Charles Bridge from the Smetana Embankment, which is considered to be the most beautiful view in Prague ever, you may feel that you have really seen everything in Prague.

And if you know why the foundation stone of the Charles Bridge was laid on July 9, 1357, at 5:31 AM, you are already at home here.

When can one claim to really know Prague? Probably never…

Prague is hundreds of beautiful places and thousands of stories. After all, the first rotunda on the site of today’s St. Vitus Cathedral was built by St. Wenceslas in 929. Prague’s greatest international importance was of course during the reign of Charles IV, but even outside his time, Prague was an important center of education and trade for many centuries. This history is inscribed in every stone or brick of its houses, whether they are Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau, or even Cubist.

It’s really easy to love Prague…

Our Beautiful Prague offers narrations about those houses and of those places. We hope our blog shows just how much we enjoy Prague and we want you to enjoy this beautiful city with us. We write stories not only about the individual buildings, places, and historical figures, but also about sculptures in Prague public space, and where to get a good meal – not as a tourist, but as a local.

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