Pepík’s dream of the Sargasso Sea

In 1914, Mr. Oulík caught a small eel in the Vltava river and carried it to the insurance company building. On the ground floor is a small fountain in which the eel lived. He got the name Pepík, and although the average age of eels is 8-12 years, Pepík lived happily to the age of 62.

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today / Co můžeš udělat dnes, neodkládej na zítřek

Arthur Miller: Death of a Salesman

The drama was written in 1949 and was first staged in the Czech Republic in 1959, during the time of socialism, when the audience couldn’t fully understand the message of the play. No one had a mortgage at that time, and since the state was the only employer, everyone was obliged to work and had the certainty that he would receive his salary every month.

Customs Duty, Ramparts and Happy Evenings in Pubs

Thousands of carts carried goods from around the world to Ungelt in the 12th century, and in the evening its pubs heard merchant stories from around the world.

How Houses are Numbered in Prague

The numbering was enforced by the army so that they would have a better overview of who the army could call for compulsory military service.

The charming beauty of the Prague metro.

Buildings that were built during the time of socialism are usually not very tasteful. This is because socialism can`t be tasteful. However,...

Eat breakfast alone, share lunch with a friend, and give dinner...

Eat breakfast alone, share lunch with a friend, and give dinner to your enemy. / Snídej sám, o oběd se rozděl s...

Don`t enter a pub without money

Don`t enter a pub without money / Bez peněz do hospody nelez How...

Measure twice, cut once

Measure twice, cut once / Dvakrát měř, jednou řež

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