Czech Cuisine

Easter lamb

Bake a cute Easter lamb with real snow white fur

VILLA RICHTER – Your wedding, birthday or family celebration at the...

So do you want to spend your festive moments in the same place as the Czech kings? Whether you want to celebrate a birthday in Prague, a wedding including a wedding ceremony right in the middle of a historic vineyard, an anniversary, or want to have a beautiful evening for any other reason, Villa Richter is a great choice.

Gingerbread Nativity Scene Recipe

Gingerbread nativity scene like in the Church of St. Matthew ("U Matěje").

London Bars

Good advice: if you are baking London bars for the first time, double the recipe. Why? You will know it when you taste them.

A Delicious Treat from Czech Fairy Tales – Buchty

     Many Czech fairy tales start with a similar scene: in a small village, there is a family which has a son named Honza,...

Baked Fruit Tea

Baked fruit tea is an old Czech recipe which was made by Bohemian great grandmas long before you could find and buy...

9 Street Foods You Must Try in Prague

When you are on your wonderful vacation in Prague, trying to see as much as you possibly can, you may want to use this list to find out what you should grab for a quick meal...

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