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Is That Wall Jagged or Hungry?

One of the many major acts that King Charles IV did in 1348 was the founding of the New Town. The founding charter was...

A Triangle of Peace and Relaxation Within Sight of Prague Castle

Just five tram stops from Prague Castle is a triangle of three areas that are definitely worth visiting.

Hvězda Summer Palace and the Most Famous Battle in Czech history

Every Czech knows who was Charles IV, later called the Father of the Homeland. No wonder, he made his mark in Czech...

Franciscan Garden

The Franciscan Garden was founded in 1347 as the fruit and vegetable garden of the Franciscan monastery.

Prague Botanical Garden – Fata Morgana

The tropical greenhouse of the Prague Botanical Garden Fata Morgana has an area of 1750 square meters and...

The Battle of the White Mountain

Tourists heading to Prague Castle most often get off at the Pohořelec tram stop. However, if they went a few stations further, they would...


The total cost of building the complex was 1,760,000 Austro-Hungarian crowns, which corresponds to the price of about 500 kg of gold, i.e. at current prices of about 500 million CZK (20 million USD).

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