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Everything golden in the New World

Most people who don`t want to walk uphill along Nerudova Street on their way to the Castle will come to Pohořelec by the most...

Prague Castle Canteen (Prague Castle, Hradčany)

Hradčany and the Lesser Town are the most visited locations in Prague, so it is probably not surprising that the prices in local restaurants...

St. Vitus Cathedral

The first sanctuary at this place was built in 926-30. This rotunda was destroyed by Prince Spytihněv after 1060 and then he...

St. Vitus Cathedral in stillness and (almost) solitude? Yes, it is...

St. Vitus Cathedral is the most important church for all Czechs, faithful and faithless. It is one of the most visited places in the Czech Republic. Still, it can be enjoyed in peace and quiet.

Capuchin Brothers and a Soccer Playground with a View of St...

A man living in the house next to the Capuchins monastery: "Do you know what really annoys me? That my car has a much better view than I do."

How to Lodge Like a King and Pay Like a Pauper

A cluster of mysterious buildings surrounded by a high yellow wall that is interrupted only in a few places by the dark brown wooden doors. What's behind that wall?

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