Hradčany and the Lesser Town are the most visited locations in Prague, so it is probably not surprising that the prices in local restaurants are much higher than in the forgotten parts of the city. So if you want to eat and drink here at a “normal” price, you need to know where to find such options, or at least someone that can advise you.

The employees of Prague Castle have their own canteen. And because they work in an exceptional place, their dining room is also in an extraordinary place. In fact, it’s just a few meters from the back of St. Vitus Cathedral and from St. George’s Convent.

Tourists at this place know the bistro U kanovníků, where they can eat goulash for lunch for 250 crowns. However, if they enter the door next to the entrance to the bistro, they will find themselves in the canteen of the castle employees, where lunch for visitors costs only 108 crowns. Visitors can only come there from half-past one to two in the afternoon and have a choice of three meal options, but it is a unique experience. Where else can you have lunch for a hundred crowns and have a direct view of the Church of St. Vitus?