Tomáš Karpíšek, originally the chef from Liberec, North Bohemia, has built a network of the Ambiente restaurants, where you have one basic certainty – decide according to which cuisine you want to taste today, and you will always be satisfied.

This network also includes eight Lokál restaurants, which specialise in classic Czech cuisine and put the emphasis on well-treated beer. Come with us to see the Lokál in Dlouhá Street in Prague.

A special bar counter catches the visitor’s eye at the entrance. It was developed by the Ambiente developers themselves – its main advantage is that the beer is chilled all the way through the pipes to the pint.

The space of Lokál is huge, furnished like a classic Czech country pub.

One of the traditional Czech dishes, which is fried cheese with tartare sauce, and buttered potatoes – when you want to order it, the colloquial term for fried cheese is “smažák”.

The strong beef broth with noodles and liver dumplings, the white pudding sausage, sour cabbage and mustard (jitrnice), and the venison goulash.

The paper coaster under the beer says: After our beer you can speak: English, German, Russian, and French.

Pražská šunka se smetanovým křenem / Prague ham with creamy whipped horseradish  
Gothaj s cibulí a octovou zálivkou / Gothaj salami with onion and vinegar dressing
Nakládaný hermelín / Pickled Czech camembert    
Utopenec / Pickled knackwurst   
Variace párků se smetanovým křenem a hořčicí / Variety of sausages with mustard and creamy whipped horseradish       
Ovarové koleno / Pork knuckle       
Uzený hovězí jazyk / Smoked beef tongue
Talián s křenem a hořčicí / “Talián” sausage, with grated horseradish and mustard
Přeštická klobása z našeho řeznictví / Our butcher´s sausage from “Přeštice” pig
Tlačenka s cibulí a octovou zálivkou / A slice of pork brawn with onion and vinegar dressing
Silný hovězí vývar s nudelmi a játrovými knedlíčky / Strong beef broth with noodles and liver dumplings
Dršťková / Tripe soup


And what does “lunch for another” for 90 crowns mean?
You pay 90 crowns, the restaurant will then generate a voucher for one hot meal and a soft drink, for people in need. Once a month, Ambiente gives vouchers to charities, which give vouchers to their clients, who pay for lunch at the restaurant with that voucher.