Three bronze horses walk in shallow water on a square in the Dejvice district of Prague. Since 2008, they are walking from the southeast, symbolically along the historic path that led here in the distant past.

Their author, sculptor Michal Gabriel, said of them: “I let three horses pass through the water cascade. Trees and a water cascade with several footbridges evoke the feeling of the landscape. When I say square, I imagine a statue in the middle, often an equestrian statue. When the rider is missing, the horse and its story remain. At present, the horse is no longer associated with work, but its nobility has remained and the connection with rest, freedom, and romance has increased. The horse is simply a beautiful animal.”

The square had no name for a long time. Then it was called At the Horses. Since 2018 it has been called Šabach Square after the Czech writer Petr Šabach.