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“Let’s Meet Under the Tail”

There is one place in Prague that everyone knows. And that place is "under the tail". When two people say to each other "Let's...

“Hat Off!”

Everyone who has ever visited the National Theatre knows the famous Hynais Curtain. But few know what is written on the back of it....

Herds of Wild Horses in Letná (Alexandra Koláčková)

If you walk through the park in Letná, you will find two rails in the ground within sight of the National Technical Museum. The...

The Battle of the White Mountain

Tourists heading to Prague Castle most often get off at the Pohořelec tram stop. However, if they went a few stations further, they would...

Pepík’s dream of the Sargasso Sea

In 1914, Mr. Oulík caught a small eel in the Vltava river and carried it to the insurance company building. On the ground floor is a small fountain in which the eel lived. He got the name Pepík, and although the average age of eels is 8-12 years, Pepík lived happily to the age of 62.

Before Prague Even Existed

We all know how Prague looks like today. But would you like to know what old Czech stories say about the times before Prague was built?

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