Like every nation, we have a few writers whose books have become part of the national heritage. Everyone should read those books at least once in their lives (regardless of the fact that these books are part of reading requirements in schools). One of them is undoubtedly Jan Neruda (1834-1891), whose book Malostranské povídky (Prague Tales) is one of the treasures of Czech literature. It is a compassionate book about Prague in the mid-19th century, focusing on  the lives of simple people during a simpler time, when there was a lot of time for everything and horse-drawn carriages were riding the streets.

Jan Neruda wrote about Prague being quiet and peaceful. One of his stories is even called The Week in the Silent House. That silent house is the house where Neruda’s father had a tobacco shop. It is a well-known house U dvou slunců (“Near Two Suns”), number 45, in the street that is now called Nerudova. (This street is one of the oldest in Prague, it was already known in 1267.)

Much water has flowed down the Vltava river since the times of Jan Neruda. So of course, today’s Prague is completely different. (When we were shooting scenes from Kevin Alone dedicated to Jan Neruda in front of the house, there was definitely no silence or peace.)

However, if you want to experience Prague almost as it was during the times of Jan Neruda, and want to enjoy it, beautiful, colorful and quiet, you just need to get up a little bit earlier in the morning. Prague will reveal you another part of its charm to you and you will have it for yourself. Only you and this beautiful city.