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Death-mask of Jan Palach (Olbram Zoubek)

The monument to Jan Palach at the place where he self-immolated is one of four places in Prague that commemorates the remembrance...

Café Slavia (Kavárna Slavia, Staré Město)

Café Slavia is one of the most famous cafes in Prague. It was opened in 1884 and there have always been many artists among...

Yellow Penguins in Kampa

If you are standing in Kampa and looking towards the National Theatre, a row of 34 yellow penguins will probably catch your...

Café Therapy (Nové Město)

If you get hungry at Vyšehrad, there is nothing better than walk towards the river and visit Café Therapy. The journey down...

How About Having Dinner on Charles Bridge?

How about having dinner on Charles Bridge?

You’ll Love This Café Right Away

A pleasant cafe away from the mainstream of tourists and yet in the very center of Prague? And at affordable prices? Come there with us and see it.

The shortest and the narrowest street

And because the street is so narrow, there are traffic lights at its ends, just as you would find at an intersection. It is said that a German got stuck in the street and could not move in any direction. Furthermore, the nearby restaurant staff had to lather her up with soap to push her down the street. But it's also possible that this is just another one of Prague's legends.

Charles Bridge and the Charm of the Prague Alluvium

Peace, quiet, and romance looking at the Charles Bridge from the river bank. And also a few words about the beautiful painting “Winter Night” by Adolf Kosárek, the famous 19th century Czech painter.

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