What buildings can you see on Mariánské náměstí? Art Nouveau building of the New Town Hall. The Municipal Library of Prague with the famous Idiom, a column composed of 8,000 books. The complex of baroque buildings Clementinum, the residence of the National Library of the Czech Republic. And the Baroque Clam-Gallas Palace with a fountain. The fountain is called Terezka, the water that flows out of the jug in her hands is a symbol of the Vltava.

In 2019, Prague City Hall decided to turn the square into a relaxation zone. Cars have been banned, chairs, tables, and flower pots are placed in the square, and an art object is added from time to time.

Right from its installation, the table of sculptor Čestmír Suška attracted the attention of passers-by. The massive iron table covered with rust. According to the architect of the transformation of the square, this table is a symbol of dialogue.