There is one place in Prague that everyone knows. And that place is “under the tail”. When two people say to each other “Let’s meet under the tail”, it means that they meet at the statue of St. Wenceslas on Wenceslas Square (and the tail belongs to the horse on which this patron of the Czech land sits).

Just one underground stop away is Náměstí Míru (Peace Square), which is dominated by the Church of St. Ludmila. It is dedicated to the first saint in our history, Wenceslas grandmother Ludmila, who was murdered in 921 at the behest of her widowed daughter-in-law Drahomíra – because of a power and political dispute between the two women.

And since 1100 years have passed since the murder, this year is dedicated to St. Ludmila. Her painting hangs on the church of St. Ludmila and it says: “Saint Ludmila, protect your Czech nation” and “She was an eye for the blind, a leg for the lame.”