The passage of the functionalist “U Stýblů” Palace was famous in three ways. The largest Alfa cinema in Prague was located here, with a capacity of 1,200 spectators – in the 1930s, the Czech sound film was screened here for the first time in the Czech Republic.

Then also by the well-known “trampled” paving, whose individual stones are made of various rocks, which to varying degrees resisted the millions of pedestrians who walked on them for many decades.

And also by the Semafor Theater, which was here at the time of its greatest glory, when people stood in the queue at the box office, for example, all night.

The only reminder of the theater is the sign on the side of the building. A traffic light is shown here, because Semafor means “traffic light”.

But not everyone knows that the name Semafor does not really mean “semafor”, but it is the symbol for the title SEdm MAlých FORem, ie “seven small forms”, because the theater wanted to focus on seven types of performing arts.