On Kampa Island, there are special manhole covers near the outer wall of Museum Kampa. Actually, they are not manhole covers, but cast-iron reliefs with quotes from underground artists.

Viktor Karlík‘s project is called Voices from the Underground, whose purpose is to remind us of communist oppression. The project was installed in Kampa on the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, November 17, 2021.

The word “modern” is very old

Be well, street
Be well, night walkers
Be well, undying nights of the street

It still works
It is still the way to go
Something tears me
And yet I have to live

Words fall from the plaster of the houses here
Slaked limestone

Drunkenness is a certain audacity

We live in Prague
That’s there,
where the Spirit himself will one day appear.

Those who differ,
are filth.

Everyone is an architect of his own happiness
Train conductor as well as engineer

I’m going nowhere
No matter the direction…
I think I’ll turn around,
before I get pissed off again.

It is fortune to live in our country
But a misfortune to have this happiness
We stand over the chasm
One foot rotting in a trap

Be gone
Get out
No more listening

I find it horrible
But I’m starting to feel
This town’s tight for me