Dlouhá Street is one of the oldest streets in Prague, dating back to 1310. And why is it called Dlouhá? It got its name in the 14th century when it connected two significant places. Old Town Square, which together with Ungelt was an important marketplace, and the settlement of Poříčí, which was not yet part of Prague. At that time, Dlouhá Street, with its length of 520 meters, was indeed the longest street in Prague.

Dlouhá Street was grey and boring at the end of socialism. Today, however, it`s colorful and full of life. Also because it has become a kind of culinary center of Prague. No one can come out of this street hungry.

By the way – at the beginning of the street there is a great butcher shop called Naše maso (Our Meat). They sell an excellent beef hot dog. Don’t forget to try it.

And if meat isn`t a necessary part of your menu, you have another option. Walk down Dlouhá Street, cross Old Town Square, there is a very fine vegan restaurant and shop Country Life waiting for you in Melantrichova Street.