It`s really a little bit a unique experience. The residence of the Czech Parliament is in Sněmovní Street in Malá Strana. Across the street from the entrance to the parliament is house number 7. It is owned by Martin Bursík, a former member of the parliament and minister of the environment in two governments of the Czech Republic.

If you walk through the gateway, you will find yourself in a fairy-tale Lesser Town backyard.

An open door in the corner invites you to enter. And on the way up many stairs, you see pictures that will not leave you in any doubt about the political preferences of the homeowner.

On the top floor is a large space, which is used as a co-working centre. Anyone can rent their workspace there. With the proviso that his admission to the collective of existing tenants must be approved by them so that they do not spend working time with someone with whom they will not get along.

However, if you step under the roof as a visitor or tourist, they will be happy to make you tea, coffee, or pour you a glass of wine.

When exploring Prague, you will be able to relax in an inspiring place with beautiful views of the surrounding backyards – or the parliament building, where the owner of the house spent many years …